Our story

Prior the creation of this website in 2015, there wasn’t a single place on the internet that had information about the lifestyle of working while cruising focused on Brazilians or Portuguese content. All we had was some scattered blogs that many times only showed a single topic or didn’t provided much rich content as media and downloads. Many of these blogs weren’t being updated anymore so the content was getting old and ineffective as study material. Also, there are many groups around the community that doesn’t provide any help to foreigners and honestly people are just trying to take advantage from new hires asking money for premium content.

On June 2015 the website concept was draw in a napkin with the first skeleton showing where the content should be and which pictures would be needed for it to work. In the same week started the gathering, seeking information about different cruise companies, different jobs and roles and most important, we sent emails for everybody we knew asking for help.

On September 13 the url www.shiplife.com.br was registered and the content from the past months was uploaded. On the first month, we already had around 1.000 unique viewers per month, a number that would only grow from that moment on.

Nowadays we already had over one million unique visitors from 63 countries around the world, with 82% coming from Brazil. The content got refreshed, re-invented and re-re-refreshed to maintain a high level of accuracy. We post new content everyday on your social media and keep running the website with clean design to make all the content easy to be absorbed.

Till 2025, when we complete ten years, the cruise industry will grow 54% with 157 already announced ships, the total of all river cruises and yachts will triple and the need for workforce will always be a constant, favoring those who acquire knowledge seeking a life at sea.

What’s our public?

Just after the release of this website, the impact wasn’t big because we didn’t want to spend money advertising it. When the word got out we hit high numbers and more and more our content was being shared on social media. Nowadays, we have around 250 unique users per day, achieving 7000~9000 users per month. We pretend to keep increasing our numbers by developing new content and as well thinking forward.

Números de acessos diários
Gráfico da fonte de acessos

From the last two years data, we can see that our social media is being present in all those who are seeking for an international work experience, with 38.7% of the access being from shared posts, pages and users timelines on Facebook. As well, we are always on top searches on Google with 31,9% and 29% from links around the internet in blogs, fan pages and websites. We don’t have a high enough presence on other channels like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to make the numbers.

Our content is being created in portuguese, spanish and english, and we have visitors from all parts of the world. The average time on our website is 14 minutes and besides Brazil and United States, we have frequent users from Canada, Argentina, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Norway, Colombia, Honduras and New Zealand.

About the author

Born in 1987, Rafael Escovedo is from the Rio de Janeiro and worked on Princess Cruises (2010) as a photographer and got to be know as Pirate on board the cruises from Norwegian Cruise Line (2014~2017) where he worked as photographer, Cruise Staff and also Youth Staff. Between one company and the other he joined the Oil & Gas industry and provided trainings for workers on oil rigs and offshore plaforms, and nowadays he pursues his careers as a Cruise Consultant.

On the photograph he stands in front of the Norwegian Jade when it was docked at Katakolo, the main access point for the ruins of Olympia. Fun fact: The website was created when he was at this ship.

Rafael Escovedo com Norwegian Jade em Katakolon na Grécia

Hall of fame

The names here are from people that contributed on content for #SHIPLIFE somewhere in our history. Thanks.



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