Who wouldn’t want to hear that everyday? If you never worked on board, the crew party is a party that happens one or two times per month during late hours, usually on a passenger area, but is kept hidden from the passengers. The main feature is the open bar where the majority of the crew gets really drunk and dance till the party is over. Also, but not least, most parties have a theme that dictates the mood, also defining how people will dress up – which not everybody does – so if the party is “Black & White” you can of course still show up in a red killer dress.

The Crew Party isn’t just a normal event or party that happens at the Crew Bar. Where are talking about Hollywood productions here (sometimes Bollywood) that transforms the normal day to day passenger areas, like the cruise main disco, superior decks like the pool or even the restaurants, after the organizing team removes all the chairs and tables. One team or department is chosen to be responsible for serving drinks, decorations and cleaning the mess afterwards.

The parties aren’t the same and just because one was great it doesn’t mean that the following one will be. You can expect international music, pop, dance, house and even indian rock. This because on board there are over 60 nationalities, so the DJs have to work hard to please everybody.

The following video was recorded on Norwegian Getaway in 2016:

Did we mention that these parties usually have a theme for you dress up? Well, you don’t have to dress for them, but it’s nice to be part of the whole even when the majority of the crew don’t dress up anyway, except on Halloween.

Let’s share some themes for parties? Yes! Check them out:

Valentine’s Day
Mask Ball
Back to School
80’s & 90’s
Swap Uniform
Red, Yellow, Green

Went to one and loved? Took pictures?

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