Need help on your resume?

Here on #SHIPLIFE you know that we help you on all aspects and if we could, we would even hire you just for the sake of it. As we prepare our content for a more and more competitive market we also had the idea to create this page in order to help you better format your resume or curriculum vitae and increase the chances of being hired.

At the end of this page you’ll also find samples to download and insert your own information using the techniques learned here.

Do you know the difference betweeen a Curriculum Vitae or a Resume?

Well, Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document usually on B&W fully detailing your experiences and academic formation and usually consists of more than two pages.

When a Resume is a short version of your CV. It should have one page or two, but nothing more than that.

Statistically interviewers spend less than 30 seconds reading your resume and only check the first page, so you have to compress all the good information in just one page and if really needed, the contact will surely get in touch with you for further explanations on your experience.

Curriculum Vitae


On the header, you don’t have to write CURRICULUM VITAE or RESUME. The person who is receiving the document already know what this si about, so discard this title who will only occupy much needed space.

Start by your personal information as your full name and address, telephone number, email and date of birth.

It’s also very, very, very important that you add a recent profile picture on your file. Try to use a more professional one instead of the normal ones that you use on social media. In some countries the habit of adding photos on documents is disregarded, but that’s not the case for cruise companies, as all of them will require this and if you don’t comply your resume will be ignored and discarded.

Modelo Cabeçalho

You can also include the name of the position you’re applying for, if you already had cruise ship experience and you’re looking for a specific job, like “Cruise Consultant” or “Ass. Maitre D’“.


On the body you can include your objective or field you’re applying for, but it is totally optional.

Here you should start by listing your WORK EXPERIENCE with previous companies with your most recent or current job on the top. It’s important to include your job title, company name and the date you stayed in that position. If you’re still enrolled, instead of including you leave date, substitute it for “Present”. Also include your major responsibilities, like for example: “Maintain customer service standards”.

Afterwards, include your ACADEMIC FORMATION, starting by the most recent one or higher educational level. If you’re not studying or haven’t attended a college or technical school, include the name of your high school or equivalent education and your graduation date.

Modelo Corpo

Overall, keep it simple and only include the work experience related for the job you’re applying for. Voluntary work experience and Presentations shouldn’t be listed on the body of your resume.


At the footer, include your extra skills like idioms that you do speak and your fluency level on which one, certifications of expertize, if you do have a valid passport, VISAS and other trainings related to work on board cruise ships. You don’t have to specify where and when the training were done, as long as they’re valid.

Also, this is important: Don’t include your PASSPORT NUMBER or VISA NUMBER. If required, the company will ask for it later.


Here you have the opportunity to download some samples and/or do your resume online by using one of our partner services at Novo Resume. Don’t forget to double or even triple check your information and rename all the documents to your own name.

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