This test was created to measure your english level not only for cruise companies but as well for seafarers and oil & gas workers, so make sure you select the right option that is Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff.

Not all companies require this test and some only require for specific professions as like Guest Services. If you’re from a natural speaking english country, you’re not required to take this test of course. It costs 20 US dollars for each try you attempt and you can pay via all major credit cards and paypal. Only after the confirmation of payment you’ll receive a key.

You have to complete 50 questions* in 30 minutes*, and score at least 75% for almost all positions. If you’re applying for an officer position, manager or Guest Services related, you’ll need at least 90%. Before the real test, you can practice and get used to the questions, just click here.

*PS: According to the company there’s no limit on how much time you can take doing the test. The 30 minute limit is just there to decrease your final score.

*PS: Candidates for Maritime positions and/or Managers need to take a different test that is harder, with 80 questions.

Use headphones during the test as some dialogues can be hardly heard if you’re in a busy place.

Listen carefully till the end, the correct answer is sometimes at the end of the audio.

Use Firefox or Google Chrome to complete this test as Safari, Netscape and Internet Explorer freeze not allowing to save or go back.

Don’t take this test on your tablet or cellphone. If you don’t have a computer at home or in your job, proceed to an internet cafe or ask for help with friends


I’m in urgent need ______ a towel, please.

  • OFF
  • THE
  • IT
  • OF
The bartender _______ your cocktails now.