After all the interviews and the confirmation of your embarkation date, the company will provide you a Letter of Employment (LOE), the most important document to join a vessel or apply for a VISA. Without it, it’s impossible to apply for one, so this is one of last steps on the hiring process.

The application and issue of this document usually takes around two weeks and it costs 170 US dollars. Most cruise companies will refund you for the cost as well, so keep all the receipts.

We have a filling tutorial on the DS-160 protocol that you can find by clicking here. If you fill out the form incorrectly you will lose money and time, as it is a eliminatory process.

Requerimento de Passaporte

Form DS-160

Click here to open the US embassy website and start filling.


OBS: The only company that will require this visa is Costa Crociere.

Australian Visa

OBS: Only vessels sailing thru Australia or Oceania will require this visa.